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SO QUIT DRAWING THEM THIN!! Did you know you can be fat and sexy? It’s true!! Every size is adorable and embracing it makes everyone feel better instead of feeling cast away for who they are.
Anonymous asked : You don't have an idea? Certainly you'd want to change something or someone

I can’t think of anything right now haha hmm maybe Idk I regret not talking to people in high school.

Anonymous asked : Why did u have surgery.?

I had problems with my gallbladder >_

Anonymous asked : If you had the chance to change something about your past what would it be and why? Just curious

Wow…i have no idea

Anonymous asked : why were u in the hospital earlier this year? what happened to you

I had surgery. It sucked :/


When I get hit on

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Really into the current claws
  • luellaarbre:

    If I see one more skinny (ALWAYS WHITE) girl complaining about Nicki and her “fuck skinny bitches” lyric I am going to rip my hair out. 

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